Limited Edition Art and Memorabilia

Hendrix at Monterey Pop Festival

Photographer Colin Beard was on assignment from his Austrlian Music Paper, GO SET  when he was told about Moterey Pop Festival near San Francisco, ground zero for the "Summer Of Love", he ended up being one of very few allowed in the press box for the sunday night finale, introducing the Jimi Hendrix Experience to the USA for the first time.
The original negatives have recently been uncovered and these are some of the first prints made from these historic photos . Archivally printed on heavy cotton rag paper , some with hand deckeled edges, the result is beautiful and unique artworks. editions are limited to between 20 and 50.. You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website.
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Sgt Peppers Alternate Cover Photo

The Beatles were invited to be the guests of honor at Monterey Pop Festival but June 1967 saw them busy with the release of their landmark album , Sgt Peppers Lonley Hearts Club Band. The cover was designed by Pop artist Peter Blake and photographed by Michael Cooper. ​​

To celibrate the 20th anniverasy of the release in 1987 Capitol records  printed a limited number of large format copies of this alternative image. It shows several background figures not seen on the published album, can you spot them? e.
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Vanity Plate art - Stairway 2 Evan

A new concept first designed by Warwick for a Casino Restaurant, these panels of song lyrics are an ongoing series and will be produced in editions of 2 only per title. STAIRWAY 2EVAN  is the first in the series with one edition remaining. 

Stairway 2
Can you see this as the centerpiece of your lobby or restaurant, is your home funky enough for this unique piece?  Its ready for delivery now..
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Capitol Records Lennon set

T In 1974 John Lennon was photographed by NY photographer Bob Gruen for the cover of​​
​his album Walls & Bridges, the photos, headshots taken outside, were used in the album graphic as overlaying strips.
  To celibrate the 50th anniverasy of Capitol records  in 1992 the company printed a limited edition set of eight images from Bob Gruens shoot. they were printed in 2 sizes both b&W and Sepia from the original color transparencies supplied by Gruen, these originals have since been lost.  WSCS purchased the entire limited print run that the record company never released..
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