Hotel Room Doors
No tougher test of durability that a Hotel guestroom door. First installs were at Hard Rock Hotel Soux City in 2015 and the doors remain in perfect condition. WSCS has printed nearly a thousand hotel room doors without problems, a leader in the field of illustrated hospitality! Call today to discuss your Hotel upgrades.
  1. Led Zeppelin
    Led Zeppelin
    Proof Sheet photos by Neal Preston
  2. Jimmy Page
    Jimmy Page
    Proof Sheet photographs especially selected by Neal Preston from his books on touring with Zeppelin
  3. Vintage Vegas
    Vintage Vegas
    Old postcard shots of the Sands and other vintage hotels, give the guest a sense of place.
  4. Hand the Guitar to the Roadie...
    Hand the Guitar to the Roadie...
    Faceless rocker leaves the stage. It is important not to have the subject of photos looking into the face of the guest.,
  5. Sioux City Hard Rock Hotel
    Sioux City Hard Rock Hotel
    Beautiful Hotel corridors in a hotel carved from an ancient wooden warehouse, keeping as much original charm in the old industrial building. Door graphics fit here like nowhere else.
  6. Suite
    Double doors, single photo.
  7. A Rock N Roll Road Trip!
    A Rock N Roll Road Trip!
    If it was not obvious, the theme of these doors is the road trip, across mountains and deserts, with Rock N Roll all the way.
  8. Elvis Slept here!
    Elvis Slept here!
    Even the King needs some rest...