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Read the plates from left to right to understand the song lyric

Most people have to read it out loud and by the second or third line, suddenly say "Oh Wow!!"

The concept was first designed by Warwick for a Casino Restaurant, these panels of song lyrics are an ongoing series and will be produced in editions of 2 only per title.
STAIRWAY 2EVAN  is the first in the series with this one edition remaining. ​

Can you see this as the centerpiece of your lobby or restaurant, is your home funky enough for this unique piece?  Its ready for delivery now..

The entire collection of vanity plates are hand sculpted and distressed to be exact replicas of 1971 US plates (the year the song was issued)
These projects are not mass produced novelties, this is hand made art and only 2 of each title will be made.    ​​
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